Why Is Home Staging So Important When You're Selling A Home?

Posted by Jennifer Dollar on Monday, January 28th, 2013 at 2:01pm

kitchen_interior_400Home staging has become a commonly used phrase when it comes to selling homes.  It sounds like a simple matter of making a home attractive to buyers but it has much greater repercussions than just making your home visually appealing enough to buy.  The reasons why home staging is so important are things everyone working on selling a home should know.

Looks Matter

How your home looks to potential buyers matters.  While it would be nice if they only saw the home and not everything that you have piled up in it, people looking to buy a home see both and are influenced by both.  You could try to sell the exact same home to the exact same person twice and depending on how the inside looks the situation could have two very different outcomes.  When you are selling a home, the way your home looks matters.

People Decide Largely Based On Emotion

People seek out homes based on logical criteria like size, location, and such factors but the final decision to buy is largely based on emotion.  It isn't just if your house meets all the criteria on a buyer's checklist but also how your home makes them feel.  Some homes have a cold feeling based on their décor while others have a warm feeling.  Some are perfectly clean and others are a mess and this makes a difference when someone is deciding to make an offer or not.  Home staging uses this knowledge to create the right emotional feel in any home to make people want to buy.

The Competition Is Fierce

The competition when you are selling a home is fierce.  You need whatever advantage you can get and home staging can give you a distinct advantage over those sellers who don't use home staging professionals or home staging techniques.  Home staging is an easy way to increase the odds of selling your home.

Home Staging Gets You More Money

Home staging isn't just about selling a home.  It is about getting as much money as you possibly can for it.  You don't just want to sell your home because anyone can sell a home for a low enough price.  What you want is to get the maximum amount possible. 

As amazing as it sounds, home staging is a crucial component of getting this maximum amount.  When people are thinking about buying your home then they have to go by the facts and by what they see.  The facts are what they are but you can control what a potential buyer sees through home staging.  In general, a clean house sells for more than a dirty house and home staging is the art of taking this idea as far as it can go.

This art of making your home look the best it can makes sense from a business perspective and isn't even that hard to do.  Home staging is important because it can help you to sell your home and sell it for more.  In the end, this is all that anyone looking to sell a home is hoping for.

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