kitchen_interior_400Home staging has become a commonly used phrase when it comes to selling homes.  It sounds like a simple matter of making a home attractive to buyers but it has much greater repercussions than just making your home visually appealing enough to buy.  The reasons why home staging is so important are things everyone working on selling a home should know.

Looks Matter

How your home looks to potential buyers matters.  While it would be nice if they only saw the home and not everything that you have piled up in it, people looking to buy a home see both and are influenced by both.  You could try to sell the exact same home to the exact same person twice and depending on how the inside looks the situation could have two very different outcomes.  When you are…

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hallways_400Anyone who has used home staging to sell their home can tell you that it is nothing short of magical.  The response that the proper use of home staging has, as opposed to going without this process, is an incredible one.  But you don't just need to know that it works when you want to sell a home.  You need to know how to do it.  Here's how.

Focus More On The Most Important Areas

While in home staging you want to focus on your entire home, you do want to put special effort into the areas that are the most important.  These areas include the outside of the home, the entryway, the living room, the kitchen, and the master bedroom.  Again, all the other areas should be clean and staged but for the most important areas you need to go all out.

Go For The…

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exterior_homes_400Marketing a home effectively is an art form.  The problem is that many people selling homes are unaware of this art form and make big mistakes in the marketing process.  Here are the biggest mistakes that people make when marketing a home.  If you avoid these then your efforts in marketing your home will be much better off.

Bad Online Photos

Why people use bad photos of their homes when they are trying to sell their homes is confusing but it happens all the time.  They take photos from too great a distance, from odd angles, with bad lighting, or even post photos that don't show the home right side up.  This is a huge mistake when selling homes and, luckily, one of the easiest to avoid.

Giving Only The Basic Details

When people give only the barest…

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