There are so many things to focus on when you are selling your home that you may not stop to think about how your feelings might be affecting this process.  Your emotions may even be standing in the way of you selling your home.  Take a look at how your emotions may be getting in the way of that real estate sale that you want so badly. 


What's The Problem?

You may be wondering what the problem is with being emotional about your home and about letting it go.  The problem is that it can interfere with your efforts to sell your home.  You may be basing your idea of the worth of the home more on sentimentality that on current market value of this piece of real estate.  You may also react emotionally to low offers instead of seeing them as starting…

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five_tips_400First-time home buyers are bound to have a lot of questions, and because buying a home is one of the biggest decisions most people will ever make, they should.  The list of questions is practically endless, but some of them get asked more than all the others.  Here are the top 5 questions that first-time home buyers ask and their answers.

Should You Hire A Real Estate Agent?

Yes.  That's the simple answer.  A real estate agent can help you every step of the way from looking for a home to buying a home, and this help is especially important for first-time home buyers.  Your agent can help you with everything from figuring out how much buying power you have to finding the perfect home to negotiating the many aspects of the deal.  Hire a real estate…

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