check_out_prices_400Choosing the right asking price for real estate for your sounds a lot easier than it is.  You would think that you could just figure out how much your home is worth, pick a price in that range, and be done with it but that's not how it works.  Here are some tips that will help you choose the right asking price so that you make the real estate sale and make some money too.

Check Prices In The Local Real Estate Market

The prices of houses fluctuate.  These days almost everyone is aware of this fact but not everyone realizes that the local real estate market is more important that the overall real estate market.  Check the prices of comparable homes in your local area to start getting an idea of how much you should be asking.  Don't forget to check if…

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Decisions on offers may be trimmed to 20 days or less.sold_300

Bank of America says it's making changes to its short-sale procedures that will shorten decision times on short sale offers to 20 days, down from 45 days or longer.

The new task flow in Bank of America's short-sale management platform, Equator, will enable short-sale specialists to conduct tasks like document collection, valuations and underwriting simultaneously. When buyers walk, agents will have five days instead of 14 days to submit a backup offer.

Bank of America is requiring a new third-party authorization form for short sales initiated beginning April 14.

When the changes to Equator take effect Saturday, five documents will be required to process short sales initiated with an offer:

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