Top 5 Mistakes People Make When Selling A Home

Posted by Jennifer Dollar on Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012 at 9:50am

Selling a home takes time, but it doesn't take that much time.  If your home for sale isn't selling or if you want to make sure that it sells when you put it on the market, then avoid these top 5 mistakes that people make when selling a home.  Sometimes doing everything right is largely a matter of not doing anything wrong.


The Wrong Price

When you have a home for sale, you need to ask for the right price.  Asking for a price that is too high compared to the market value of a home will have it competing with homes that are actually worth more, and in this scenario, it will always come up short.  The people who would actually want to buy your home often won't see it because an asking price that is too high will usually put it out of the price range of your real target audience.

The Wrong Condition

You want your home's condition to be as close to perfect as possible when you are trying to sell it.  Buyers are not looking for just any home for sale.  They are looking for homes that are perfectly pristine.  This means that you want to repair everything that needs to be repaired, and this includes everything from a damaged roof to a broken doorknob.

Make sure that the house is immaculate.  This is the time to deep clean those carpets and repaint every surface that needs it.  Every time a potential buyer sees something in your home that looks less than perfect, their perceived value of the house goes down that much more.

The Wrong Location

There isn't much you can do about the wrong location when marketing a home, but you have to factor the location in when you set the price.  If your house is located in a less desirable part of town, on a busy street, or near neighbors who don't take good care of their homes, then the worth of your home goes down.  When determining the worth of your home, you want to remember that location matters.

The Wrong Agent

First of all, the wrong agent could lead you astray concerning the previous points.  Also, if your agent does not make a good impression for one reason or another, then that could drive potential buyers and their agents away from your home.  Pay attention to your agent's demeanor and ask around about their reputation.  You don't need an unpopular agent working against your goal of selling your home.  At Realty Executives, we have a team of experienced professionals who never lead you astray and who know how to work with you, buyers, and agents to make the process of selling a home a pleasant experience for everyone.

The Wrong Marketing

To be successful in the modern world, marketing a home means using all the old standbys of yard signs, ads, and the multiple listing service and using the new technologies that are available to promote your home for sale, as well.  This is also where the issue of convenience of showing comes into the picture.  Homes that can't be shown without notice don't get seen as much.  Requiring an appointment for your home to be shown is a bigger mistake when it comes to marketing a home than most people realize.

These are the top 5 mistakes that people make when selling a home.  They aren't that hard to avoid, but you have to know them to avoid them.  Now that you know them, you can make sure that you never make these mistakes again.



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