school_buss_400It's every new home buyer's fear that they will forget something important when buying a home.  Even if you complete the home inspection on a house that meets your basic home search criteria and that meets with your approval, there are still many other factors to consider.  This is a list of things to look for when you are buying a home beyond the number of bedrooms and bathrooms so that you don't forget something important.

Quality Of The Neighborhood

When you are looking at buying a home then you want to look at the neighborhood that the home is in.  To get a feel for what kind of neighborhood the home is in you want to visit on different days and at different times.  You want to see it during the day and after dark as well as during the week and on weekends.  This will give you a much better idea of what it will be like to live in your new home in that neighborhood.

Is There A Homeowners Association?

Homeowners associations can affect the quality of life that you have in your new home.  With their rules, fees, and fines they can make life a lot better or a lot worse depending on what is important to you.  Just find out if there is a homeowner's association for the home that you are considering buying and familiarize yourself with their rules.  You may want to ask a few members what they think of it too.

Proximity To Work

If you work then you are going to be making trips from home to work and back again on a regular basis.  How close is your potential home to your workplace?  Is this distance going to bother you or make your life easier?  This is just something to keep in mind.

Proximity To School

Just like with work, you want to consider how close any schools that members of your household attend are to your home.  Are you going to want to make that trip every school day?  If buses are involved then will these buses be making regular stops close to your home to make transportation easy?  When school is a part of your life it tends to be a big part so make sure that your new home is going to work with your schooling.

Where Are You Going To Go Grocery Shopping?

This one isn't just about grocery shopping.  It's about all those little trips that you make on a regular basis that you don't want to have to go clear across town to do.  You're going to want to do everything from buy groceries to engage in recreational activities and the right time to consider how the location of a house will affect your ability to do these things is before you buy a new home.

These are other things to look at when buying a home.  A common mistake that people make is focusing so much on the physical structure of the home itself is that they forget how much the location will impact their experience of life in that home.  By remembering to consider these things before you buy you will be that much more likely to be completely satisfied with your choice of a new home.

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