modern_home_interiorIf you're getting ready to put your home on the market, your realtor may have mentioned hiring a stager for your home. It may seem like this is just another expense you don't need right now, but the money you spend on a stager can actually be well worth it.

Here's why you should consider home staging:

  • Today's market is very competitive – With so many homes in inventory, and so many of them at rock bottom prices, your home needs every possible edge to get it sold. Properly staging your home can be a great way to make it stand out in the buyers' mind. You're competing with foreclosures that have great prices, but that will often look pretty bad. Central Florida has a lot of homes in inventory right now that are at record low prices.
  • Most people don't have much of a vision – It's sad, but true. Most buyers need you to tell them how they can make a home look great. That's why homes that are shown furnished sell more quickly than homes that are shown empty. Most people just can't visualize how great an empty room can look. Staging makes the idea of living in a beautiful home clear to the buyer.
  • You don't live in a home the same way you sell it – You probably think that your home looks great just the way it is, so long as you keep it clean and tidy for showings. But, the reality is that the way a home works for the comfort of living is not the same way it should be arranged for selling it. Professional stagers know how to make your home look the way it should to sell it – not to live in it. Even though your home, and your decorating style may look fantastic to you and those who visit you, it's important to remember that buyers view it differently and that stagers know how buyers view it.
  • Stagers take an objective look – Your most treasured antique furniture that is beautiful, old and rare may scream "Grandma lives here" to a young, hip buyer. Stagers know what pieces of your furniture sell your home, and what pieces keep it on the market.  A stager can help remove the pieces in your home that can narrow the number of buyers who will find the home appealing.
  • The money you spend with a stager will usually save you money in the long run – The biggest cost you're likely to have in this entire transaction is not the fee you'll pay to the stager or even to the realtor; it's in the money you'll take off your original asking price to get the home sold. The benefit of a staging is that it helps you sell your home more quickly in a competitive market place. When your home sells more quickly, it also sells at a higher price, because you avoid all those price reductions that come with having a home sit on the market for a long time.

So, if you're ready to sell; consider hiring that stager or let one of Realtors® help you with the process! It will likely be well worth your money to get your home sold in record time

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Selling a home is all about marketing. You have a target market that you want it to appeal to - people need to be able to see themselves living there. Like it or not, people, to sell your home you gotta play the game.

Posted by Ann Walton on Wednesday, March 30th, 2011 at 11:31pm

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