curb-appeal_350You want to make the best first impression possible when selling a home, because that impression could make or break the entire deal.  The first impression is made when the potential buyer first sees the house, thus the outside of the house must be dressed to impress.  Here's how you can do that and why it is so important.

It's All About The Outside

It really is all about the outside.  Every potential buyer will decide what tone the viewing of the home for sale will take when they first lay eyes on the exterior of the home.  People know that if you don't take good care of the outside of the house, then you probably don't take good care of the inside of the house either.   

Make It Look New

Do whatever it takes to make your home look like new.  A new coat of paint can do the trick, and so can new shingles to replace damaged or missing ones.  Clean up or replace siding that is worn or that has simply seen better days.  By the time you're done, you want that house for sale looking brand new.

Clean The Pathways

This is easy to do and makes a bigger difference in how people see the house than you might think.  You are aiming for perfection, so cluttered pathways would only work against that goal.  Pathways that are clean and clear add to the feeling that the home is in pristine condition.

Have A Freshly Manicured Lawn

A freshly manicured lawn works wonders when you have a home for sale.  This is part of the entire picture of the outside of the house that potential home buyers will remember, so make that picture like a postcard.  Use that lawn to further enhance the idyllic scene that you are creating.

Clean The Windows

Dirty windows can ruin everything else you do.  They look awful, and potential buyers might think that there is something wrong with them if you couldn't get them clean for an open house.  Make them shine so that all who gaze upon them are overcome by their beauty.  Flawlessly clean windows can make any house look like it is worth more.

Pretty Plants Can't Hurt

Finally, if your yard doesn't have that wow factor, you can add in some attractive foliage.  You will want to do this in a tasteful way, but if your lawn is a bit too sparse, then this is something you will definitely want to do.  You are selling a lifestyle just as much as you are selling a home, so have those beautiful plants and flowers on the property to tempt buyers into purchasing this little piece of paradise.

Making the best first impression when selling a home takes work, but it has benefits that last.  Anyone who visits your home for sale and sees that it is perfectly maintained will be thinking about it later.  Whenever a potential buyer is coming or going, you want the image in their mind to be one that is total perfection 

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