front_door_400There are some home repairs that you have to complete before you sell a house.  These are the repairs that will make a good impression on home buyers so that you will be able to sell your home at a good price.  That's why they are so important.  Getting these repairs done now can save you the hassle of trying to explain to potential customers why you put them off until later.

The Front Door

Your front door, and every door, needs to be in perfect condition.  If you have a screen door then count that in with this too.  Home buyers start deciding how they feel about the house before they even walk into it so you need their initial impression to be one of perfection if you want to sell a house.

The Roof

The roof is another spot that home buyers look to for an indication of how well you take care of your house.  You want to make sure there aren't any loose, broken, or missing shingles or any other signs of disrepair.  You want your roof to be immaculate because thoughts of potentially expensive roof repairs will poison any home buyer's experience of the rest of the house.

Scratches On Cabinets

Scratches on cabinets look bad on their own and again make it look like you might not take good care of the rest of your home.  Luckily, they are easy to fix with any number of products designed for this very purpose and you can find these products at any hardware store.  Fix them before you sell.

Holes From Nails

Nail holes in your walls from pictures and other decorations need to be patched up before you sell your home.  Lightweight putty makes patching up small holes like these easy.  After this is done these walls need to be repainted.  The flawless painting job that you want will often require that the entire wall be repainted and not just the section you patched up.

Leaky Faucets

Leaky faucets are another red flag for buyers.  If you will let a faucet leak even when you plan to show off and sell a house then home buyers will wonder what other home repairs would you let slide.  You can try to fix the problem yourself if you know enough about plumbing or you can call a plumber if it is a more serious problem.  One way or another, take care of your leaky faucets.

Suspicious Smells

You may not notice the various smells lurking around your home but potential home buyers will notice them immediately.  For this reason you want to ban smoking in or even around your house for the duration of the home selling process.  If you can get someone else to take pets in the meantime that might be a good idea too.  The key is to remove smells by thoroughly cleaning every surface and tailoring the cleaning efforts to the type of smell.  A home that looks great but that smells suspicious is not likely to sell soon or for as much as you want to get.

These are the home repairs that you absolutely have to do before you sell a house.  They will raise your home's perceived value and make selling it so much easier.  And they are a small price to pay for how much more appealing your home will be after they are done.

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