There are so many things to focus on when you are selling your home that you may not stop to think about how your feelings might be affecting this process.  Your emotions may even be standing in the way of you selling your home.  Take a look at how your emotions may be getting in the way of that real estate sale that you want so badly. 


What's The Problem?

You may be wondering what the problem is with being emotional about your home and about letting it go.  The problem is that it can interfere with your efforts to sell your home.  You may be basing your idea of the worth of the home more on sentimentality that on current market value of this piece of real estate.  You may also react emotionally to low offers instead of seeing them as starting points and opportunities to begin negotiations. 

Your love for your home can also keep you from seeing it the way a stranger would, which can be problematic when it comes time to do some home staging.  What you think is attractive may not be what the average potential buyer thinks is attractive, and you need to be able to separate the two or find someone who can.

It's Not Your Home

The first step in getting past the emotions that could be keeping your home from selling is to realize that it isn't your home anymore.  It isn't about what you love about it, how much you feel it is worth, or how you like to see it decorated.  When you stop seeing it as your home, then you will be able to gear it to sell and not to preserve your memories or protect your perceived value of the home.

Get A New Perspective

You need to look at the home like a stranger would, or get someone else to do it for you.  You can hire a professional who works in home staging, or you can ask friends who will tell you the truth.  What might have been cute while you were living there may not be cute when potential home buyers are walking through the home.  Get a new perspective that includes the idea that what matters is what will help the home to sell, not what you like.

Don't Take It Personally

Most importantly, don't take any of this personally.  Everyone has different tastes when it comes to real estate, and no one but you can understand how much your home has meant to you.  Think of home staging and everything else that you are doing as creating an attractive blank slate for someone else to build their own life in this home, a life that will make them as happy as your life in this home has made you. 

It may be hard to let go of your home emotionally, but doing so will make it much easier to sell that home.  People don't want to live in homes filled with someone else's memories.  They want homes that are waiting to be filled up with theirs.  When you sell your home, remember that you are taking the important parts with you, so it's okay to let go of everything else.



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