5 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Foreclosures

Posted by Jennifer Dollar on Monday, April 25th, 2016 at 12:21pm

Buying a foreclosure is an opportunity for you to purchase a home that's potentially listed for a lower level than other homes like it. In a foreclosure, the lender has taken legal action to force the sale or to take ownership of the home because the previous owners failed to meet their financial requirements. In some cases, taxing authorities take this step. For those people who are looking to buy a home, though, these properties can be a good investment, if you know what to buy and what not to.

#1: Realize That Not All Foreclosures Are Good Deals

Banks still want to make money. They may sell the home for what is owed on it, but others will sell it for its true market value. Finding a great deal is harder now than it used to be. Hire a specialized real estate agent to help you through this process.

#2: Hire an Agent

You can purchase a home without a real estate agent, but buying a foreclosure without one can be somewhat risky. It is often better to have a professional that's specialized in this particular area. You'll know where the foreclosures are potentially before they hit the market.

#3: Don't Skip the Title Search

Just because the property is listed for sale by a lender or a county doesn't mean someone else doesn't have some level of ownership. To protect your investment, don't skip that title search or assume a basic search is enough.

#4: Consider the Long Term

Some foreclosures will continue to drop in value in the months after the sale to you, especially if the property in the area has numerous foreclosures listed. However, in the long term, these homes are likely to appreciate in value. If you are focused on the short term, you'll need to know the area's conditions very well.

#5: Focus on Your Needs

There is a lot of competition for foreclosures in some areas, especially those priced well. Don't get caught up in a bidding war that leads to a home that's too expensive for what it is really worth. You also will need to have financing lined up and ready to go. Work with a well qualified mortgage specialist for this need.

Overall, foreclosures can be good investments. Like any other home buying process, you need to ensure the property is right for your needs, priced based on its true value, and one that you can see living in long term.

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