Enjoy the Lakeside Life at Ruby Lake, Florida

Ruby Lake is a new residential community that has been established on the coast of Lake Ruby, Florida in Southwest Orlando. The new community boasts large, modern family homes and apartments that offer all the latest amenities, great public services, and some of the most stunning views. Ruby Lake could be your gateway to a new, more relaxing lifestyle – and the region has a whole lot more to offer.

Enjoy the Sights of Lake Ruby

A natural freshwater lake in the suburbs of Winter Haven, Lake Ruby is 259 acres in size and is a popular place for people to enjoy relaxing in the summertime. Fishers regularly take to Lake Ruby for its large fish (including Kokanee and Cutthroat Trout, Bullhead, Gar and Bowfin), and thanks to the warm waters, it proves a popular place for people to swim in the warmer months, in the multiple private resorts. Large docks and beach areas surround Lake Ruby, and visitors can even hire boats to take leisurely trips out onto the water.

Just a short walk away, Dan Bosch Park offers more opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors. There are large sandy beaches which are perfect for family trips out, walking trails that take you through the area’s amazing woodlands, and even fields and picnic areas where you can take a break from your travels and enjoy the sights on offer.

Access to Nearby Winter Haven

Winter Haven is just a stone’s throw away from Ruby Lake, and its range of popular stores and entertainment venues make living in Ruby Lake so convenient. Along with the public transportation network, which makes it easy to reach Orlando in just 45 minutes or less, Ruby Lake has access to a range of stores, restaurants, and even amusement parks like LEGOLAND.

A Lower Cost of Living

The local area also has a lower cost of living than many other places in Florida. The most recent statistics show that residents in Ruby Lake and Winter Haven spend on average 11% less than other Floridians on their cost of living. So whether it’s the cost of Ruby Lake real estate, grocery shopping or home bills, it’s more affordable to live in this growing and welcoming community.

Amazing Weather

It’s not just the friendly people, the beautiful surroundings, the many local amenities, and the fantastic Ruby Lake real estate opportunities that are drawing people to the region – it’s also the weather! With temperatures reaching only as low as 28°F in the winter, and going as high as 106°F at other points in the year, this region of Florida is warm all the time. The extremely mild winters don’t cause serious headaches for commuters, and the glorious summers make you feel like you’re on vacation when in fact, you’re relaxing at home or on the shore of Lake Ruby.

So if you’re looking for a new investment, or the chance to start a family in a growing and welcoming community, real estate in Lake Ruby is a great bet! 

Address: 10962 Lemon Lake Blvd., Orlando, Florida 32836

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