Enjoy a New Beginning in Lake Markham Landings

Lake Markham Landings is a new community in Florida, designed in 2013 and constructed in 2014. The community was designed to embrace its beautiful natural surroundings, with windings pavements tucked between trees and forestry. Wildflower plantings are scattered throughout the community, with a view to creating a more traditional environment for the residents.

There’s even a stone gate at the entrance, creating the feeling of entering a traditional manor house’s grounds. In short, it’s classic, luxurious and friendly – and there are homes for sales. Realty Executives can help you find the perfect home, ideal for starting a family or just starting fresh.

A Luxurious Residential Community

This luxurious gated community is located in Sanford, Florida, a region that enjoys a 9% lower cost of living. Despite being home to luxurious residential properties and stunning natural scenery, residents of Sanford pay 9% less for their bills, groceries, and general living costs than many others across Florida.

This residential community has traditional homes designed with a modern twist, and the long winding roads, expansive natural surroundings and sizeable gardens make these properties ideal for families, or anyone looking to start a family.

Enjoy the Historic Waterfront Gateway City

Sanford is not only known for its welcoming residential communities, it’s also home to thousands of years of history. Known as the ‘Historic Waterfront Gateway City’, Sanford is a city on the shore of Lake Monroe, and its history goes back hundreds of years, to when the Native Americans first settled in the region. Before it was known as Sanford, the land was settled in by the Seminoles, a Native American tribe, in the 18th Century.

Later, during the Second Seminole War in 1836, the US Army establish its camp in the city and constructed a road that is today called Mellonville Avenue.

This city, roughly 20 miles away from Orlando, is home to historic attractions like the Riverwalk Trail, and the Sanford Museum, which displays the region’s extensive history and rich cultural heritage.

Preserving Traditional Architecture

When Walt Disney World opened in Florida back in 1971, the economy of Central Florida shifted dramatically. Many parts of the state became more commercialized, and the economy shifted away from agriculture. Sanford didn’t change, however. Because of the region’s booming trading industry, the city has maintained traditional commercial buildings and residential architecture, with long streets shaded by ancient oaks.

The region is utterly charming, and those who love waterways are in for a treat, too. Sanford is home to the St Johns River, which has numerous marinas that see commercial and recreational vessels come and go. If you’re looking to relax on pleasure boats, or enjoy Lake Monroe’s still and fresh waters, Sanford is the place for you.

Lake Markham Landings Real Estate is a real catch, and with properties still available, now is the time for you to take the plunge and begin a relaxing and reinvigorating new era in your life.

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