keypad_400It is often the small details that can make a big difference when you are trying to sell your home in this housing market.  One great example of this is the lockbox.  This little box can create the right circumstances for selling your home by making the process easier on everyone.  Here is how a lockbox can help you to sell your home.

What Is A Lockbox?

A lockbox is a small metal box that contains a key to your house.  It allows real estate agents to access a key to your house anytime they want to show your house to potential buyers.  This allows them to gain entry when you are not around, and with modern lockboxes, it allows for a record to be kept of what real estate agents accessed the lockbox and when.  It can only be accessed by those who should be able to access it, so it gives access without being a safety issue.

What Is The Purpose Of A Lockbox?

The purpose of a lockbox is to allow real estate agents to show your home freely.  Instead of your real estate agent having to carry a key around and be present every time your home is being shown, the lockbox makes it possible for your home to be shown as needed.  This makes it a much more attractive stop when potential buyers are viewing homes as they do not need to go to the trouble of making an appointment.  The key is kept safe, and any time potential buyers are available to see the home, their agent can access the home.  This ease of availability is what helps to sell homes, especially in a tough housing market.

Why Not Open The Door Yourself?

Some people think it is easier to be present to open the door for potential buyers and perhaps even to be present while these potential buyers are going through the house.  This is a huge mistake.  Buyers want to be able to picture themselves living in the home, and that is not an easy task when the current owner is right there.  Part of the beauty of the lockbox is that the owner can be far away whenever the home is being shown so that the potential buyers can inspect the home without feeling scrutinized or rushed because the current owner is hanging around. 

Does It Really Matter That Much?

The presence of a lockbox really does matter that much.  There are plenty of homes for sale, and buyers will naturally go to see the ones that are easier to see on the spur of the moment first.  Without a lockbox and the ability to see a home anytime, a home becomes the backup plan instead of the first choice.  With how quickly many home buyers decide to buy a home and how difficult the housing market can make it to sell a home, you cannot afford to relegate your home to the backup plan if you want it to sell.

A lockbox is an important part of selling your home.  If nothing else, you need to realize that other sellers are using lockboxes, so you need to use one too if you want to keep up.  People today expect convenience in every part of life, so make it convenient for people to buy your home.



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